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Ella is the perfect example of the resiliency of this breed! Ella has had orthopedic surgery on her left leg following a truck rolling onto her hindquarters when she was just 16 weeks old. She sustained broken/crushed left femur, dislocated left femur, and fractured pelvis. Surgery was performed in hopes of saving that leg, at that time the other option was amputation. Ella was also spayed later at 6.5 months of age and her "cherry eye" condition present since about 9 weeks of age was also repaired at that time.

In short, Ella is immensely loved by her current owner. However due to Ella's (increasing) exercise/activity needs they are afraid that she will be injured inadvertently (given her condition following her previous injury) by the two very large male Ridgebacks also in the home. Sometimes her "busy, busy" Pointer activity level seems to serve as harassment to their ridgebacks, who then unhappily retreats to the basement of the house. Other times, all are playing well but it must be supervised because the level of rowdy physical play makes them fear that Ella will be injured and all the efforts they’ve put in to heal her will be "undone". It has been very difficult to accomplish adequate walks and strengthening activities.

Ella is a sweet, affectionate dog and really loves people and "wants to please" like any GSP! She's a very pretty girl, really glossy, silky black coat. She is both delicate yet athletic in build. Ella would be happy as an only dog, or with another playful dog. She tends towards having a dominant personality. She is often able to "boss around" the 1 yr old male Rideback and my 5 yr old male Ridgeback - both are intact and about 100# each. A home where her people are home much or most of the time would be best; and responsible children, too. Any new owner needs to be fully aware of her previous injury, and commit to following through on any future medical (including orthopedic) needs that might arise. Ella has been through so much and come SO far. She has youth and exuberance on her side - more physical healing and growth may yet occur.

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