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Baxter came to Colorado from Kansas just before Christmas. He is a GSP mix and he is neutered. His foster family had intended to adopt him but the female pup of the house did not care to share her family with him. Here is how his foster family describes Baxter: He came to me with very little training, after settling in 4 days later I began working with him. He was a little stubborn in the beginning which was frustrating for me. I later realized it was my fault not his. Baxter was a stray that lived in a shelter. I had not considered where he has been, what he has seen or how he was treated, once I did it gave me a better understanding on how to approach working with him. PATIENCE. He has a new name, new home, new dogs in the home and a new routine. After day 7 with many walks on leash, meeting new four legged friends he became more comfortable in his new environment. Everything was working for him and me really well. Before Baxter came to me I had 1 condition, that he needed be good with children, the Directors at All Points found Baxter. He passed the test with flying colors. Baxter is great with kids, he can be a little shy with adults that he doesn’t know, but warms up quickly. Baxter and I started to bond really well after day 10 he became very loyal and comfortable with the situation at my home. He loves everything and everybody once he gets to know you. He is good on a leash but needs small corrections and he learned quickly. At the end of the second week of hanging out with Baxter, he was walking with my dogs off leash and going on long hikes and enjoying himself. Baxter does not have a mean bone in his body. All he wants is to be loved and shown respect. In the 10 weeks I had Baxter, he has seen a whole New World. I took him to my mother’s retirement community and he was very well received and behaved perfectly. Another thing that I have realized, Baxter really needs to be with another dog or maybe two, he loves other dogs. I really thought that my home was going to be Baxter’s forever home. Unfortunately, I have an older GSP that didn't appreciate his playful behavior . Baxter did nothing wrong, it was not his fault. Baxter loves walks, long hikes, chewing on bones, kids, indestructible toys, and sleeping. He's chill, which must be the mix in him. I think he would make a great companion for any loving family, especially one with other dogs. Baxter will forever be in our hearts and forever missed.

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