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Annie is a senior female Pointer or possibly a GSP/Pointer mix. Annie is very sweet, likes ALL humans. She is a velcro dog. Likes to snuggle and be close. She likes belly rubs. Annie is great on a leash she is not a puller. She enjoys her walks, looking for squirrels and birds, nose to the ground and in the bushes. She is very attentive to what is going on around her. Annie is great meeting new people. She is polite, doesn't jump up. Does sniff to get to know them. Annie would do best in a home that doesn't have other pets. She likes some dogs and others not so much. She has a prey drive so no cats, small critters or chickens. She would be a great only dog. Annie would do well in a home where the humans are home more than they're not, she likes being around her humans. She does not enjoy the crate but she is ok to free roam the house, she is not destructive. She is active so we think she will adapt to whatever lifestyle her new family has. She is spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and recently had a dental. She is ready to find her new family!

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