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Adoption Donation- $300

Sex: Male     

Age: 6 year old

What cute things your foster does that could be endearing to a future adopter:        

Archer listens closely and cocks his head sideways when he’s trying to understand a new word or doesn’t get what I’m asking him to do, so adorable. Archer is a cuddler and he loves to sit with me on the couch., and makes the sweetest low grumbling sounds when he is content. Likes to sleep under the blanket. I wonder how he can breathe under there. He’s a ham for attention. He’s never chewed up something but he likes to grap a shoe or a sock and walk up to somoeone, stare, and hope he gets a little chase started. He learned to Drop It, and we switch it out for a toy and play for a bit

What kinds of routines and activities does your foster like most?        

Archer is basically an alarm clock. He’s learned we get up at 7am and then he gets fed. Sometimes he wakes me a little early, but mostly he’s right on time. He wants lunch and dinner and midnight snack, but I only feed him twice a day. He stomps his foot in or kicks the food dish to let me know he’s hungry, bad dog He needs to know someone will be around the house, other wise he gets a little anxious in the kennel. We limit that to 4 hours duration. Since hes been with us, he’s gotten very comfortable and only barks for a few minutes after we leave (He has a loud bark and we can hear him from out side). Archer loves to walk, he needs this most days but can wait a couple days before he get fidgety and causes trouble with excess energy.

Does this dog have any favorite toys or activities? If yes, please explain.        

Archer likes knotted rope tuggies. He likes to play and since he’s a big boy it can get a bit raucous. Archer loves his walks and he’s working on being off leash where its safe and interactions with other dogs are calm.

How social is your foster when meeting new people? Describe their behavior        

Archer is very comfortable with adults and hasn’t had any issues meeting new people. If a new person comes into the house, he does bark a bit if he can’t say Hi and make sure he meets them. Hes super excited when the doorbell rings, and we are working on calming him down but hes being stubborn on this one.

Do you have any children in the home or have you seen this dog interact with young kids? If so what ages and how have the interactions gone?        

Archer likes a calm household. I think he would adjust to kids but so far his interactions with kids that we’ve observed have been a little excited and got him worked up.

Please list anything s/he may be afraid of:        

He’s a barker, and barks at new sounds or voices in the neighborhood

How does s'he reach when afraid (hides, growls, etc.)?        

He barks defensively

Do you have any other pets in the home? If so what kinds and how do they get along with each other?        

Yes, we have one full time and one part time. The full time is a smaller, protective dog. They had some scuffles to start but nothing to serious. At this point, Archer has accepted her as the boss, he still tries to be friendly but respects her boundaries when she indicates he’s crossed a line. For example, if his play with the tuggy gets too rough, she barks at him and he just drops the toy.

Are there any quirks or habits in this dog that you are not fond of?        

He barks very loudly. Initially his prey drive was extreme and he would run from window to window in the house if he saw/heard something outside. This is much better and he’s calmed a lot. He still gets excited and just doesn’t hear anything else around him.

Describe the ideal home for your foster:        

Small family, older kids, where someone is home often. He’d love a big yard to run and play. A second similar sized and energy level dog could be good if willing to work through the adjustment period. He loves his walks but a free play area in a big yard would be ideal.

Is the dog crate trained?        


Please elaborate on how the dog does while in the crate (whines, tries to escape, calm and peaceful)      

He is good and responds to Kennel Up, he barks a bit then settles down.

How many hours a day on average does the dog spend unsupervised and how do they tolerate it?        

He is kennelled when we aren’t home

Is the dog destructive if left home alone? If yes please explain        

Not destructive but he goes after food from the kitchen counter and figured out how to open the garbage cans

Is this dog a barker? If yes, please explain the circumstances.        

Yes, new sounds or people, doorbell, as noted above.

Is your yard fenced? If so, has the dog repeatedly escaped from the yard? If so, how does the dog escape? (Jumps fence, digs out, chews through, opens gate, charges gate, other) If your yard is not fenced, how have you kept the dogs confined to your property?        

My yard is fenced. He has not tried to escape the yard and he doesn't try to bolt out side if the door is open either

Is the dog house trained? If no, please explain how often does the dog have accidents in the house?        

He has never had an accident in my house

Does this dog know that basic commands?     

Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Recall (responds when called by name), Leave it, Other: [Recall unless a bird is nearby hahaha]

How does this dog walk on leash and what type of collar do you use to walk this dog?        

I have to use a prong collar, he is improving but is strong and pulls with a regular collar

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